The True Church?

All Christians share a common faith in Jesus Christ. Even Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses share much in common with the Catholic Church and ancient Christianity. This page deals with the various “denominations” within Christianity and why only the Catholic Church can be the true Church that Christ founded.

Lutheran – Martin Luther in 1517 in Germany

Anglican – King Henry XIII in 1534 in England (Later reestablished by Queen Elizabeth I in 1559 in England)

Calvinist – John Calvin in 1555 in Switzerland

Presbyterian – John Knox in 1560 in Scotland

Congregationalist – Robert Brown in 1582 in Holland

Episcopalian – Samuel Seabury 1789 in the American Colonies

Baptist – John Smyth in 1609 in Amsterdam

Methodist – John and Charles Wesley in 1739 in England

United Brethren – Philip Otterbein & Martin Boehm in 1800 in Maryland

Disciples of Christ – Thomas & Alexander Campbell in 1827 in Kentucky

Mormons – Joseph Smith in 1830 in New York

Salvation Army – William Booth in 1865 in London

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Charles Taze Russell in 1874 in Pennsylvania

Christian Science – Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 in Boston

Four-Sqaure Gospel – Aimee Semple McPherson in 1917 in Los Angeles

Calvary Chapel – Chuck Smith in 1965 in Orange County, CA

Saddleback Church – Rick Warren in 1980 in Orange County, CA

The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church – Jesus Christ at Pentecost in Jerusalem


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